We offer full service consulting that accelerates a brand's customer experience enhancement efforts.

  • We work with your brand’s representatives to understand their needs and what experience they want to create for their customers.

  • We work with your customers to get insights into their expectations as well as their aspirations of what they will demand from the brand in future.

  • We work with your leadership team to guide and align them on what the possibilities are that customer experience design and transformation offer to their brand.

  • We analyse historical data and information that you provide from previous projects including the voice of the customer, existing journey maps and we use that as input to inform their path to reaching their goals.

  • We work with your project team responsible for the implementation of improvements through leading them, providing them with guidance, or training them on our unique accelerated customer experience learning programs.

  • We design journeys with your team, for your customers and collaboratively identify the actions to be taken to differentiate experiences.

  • We work with your frontline brand ambassadors to ignite their purpose and build their skills and confidence to engage with customers in an authentic, and on-brand manner that aims to create customers for life.

  • We will provide your with very pragmatic actions to immediately start improving your customer experience.


With our help, the following clients were able to tweak their culture and address customer issues to reignite a passion for their brands.

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years, teaching them to  design customer journeys, working alongside them in design sprints, ending up with concrete actions that can be implemented immediately.

We accelerate their success and results by being the mentor that work along side them, in contrast with some consulting offerings where results are achieved in a black box without sustainable knowledge transfer.



  • We truly care for our clients and their employees and customers. We ooze empathy for people that are not happy nor getting the value that they deserve. We feel their pain and that helps us be the best experience designers!

  • Our methods have proven themselves over the last 10 years. Some are unconventional but boy, do we get quick results! We cut through the bull shit and we get to the heart of the matter quickly.

  • Our clients trust us, they recommend us over and over again!
    We pivot quickly and don't follow a cookie-cutter approach. We don't give a broad-spectrum antibiotic, we take the time and have the discussions and run the diagnostics until we have a solid understanding of the cause not just the symptoms. Our “treatment plans” are personalised and highly effective.

  • We strive to leave people better and smarter and more confident than when we found them!

  • We are incredibly generous, with our time, our knowledge, our methods and our care.



  • First, they discover where they are.

  • Then they define where they want to be.

  • We help them understand the dragons that they need to slay and the challenges that they will face on the journey.

  • We become the mentor to them that accompanies them on the journey, We give them tools, knowledge and skills as they descend into the valley of the unknown and unspoken challenges.

  • We are there when they cross the threshold!

  • We celebrate them as they emerge transformed and proud, confident, and
    empowered to excel into the future.

  • We acknowledge the leaders when they truly believe that their employees and customers are the heroes of their brand story.


An increase in customer satisfaction and retention

A reduction in cost to serve

An increase in team collaboration and innovation

An increase in purpose and pride to own and orchestrate the journeys

A reduction in complaints

More passion to serve each other and customers


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Customer Experience is the way a customer feels about themselves in an interaction with your brand. 

We can help you design your brand outside in to create the feelings that will keep both customers and employees coming back to you.

We train leaders and the front-line on orchestrating experiences with a toolbox filled with interpersonal skills to power up empathy and care.

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All Rights Reserved BrandLove | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Site Credit