Customer Experience Rescue Program 


You are putting plasters on every ache, but you are no longer sure where it aches or what is causing it. A physician would run a complete diagnostic to determine what is causing the symptoms and prescribe a holistic plan to get you back to health and vitality. But first, he would ease your pain and try and make you a little bit more comfortable whilst they do x-rays, blood tests, and sonars.

The emotional pain of dealing with an influx of customer complaints and problems can trigger the same response in our brains as physical pain. Your people are tired of rolling with the punches, and as a leader, dealing with escalations and negative sentiment is draining. 

When the sparkle of your brand is overshadowed by customer complaints and your competitors are breathing down your neck to take your place on the industry leaderboard, it is time for the CX Rescue program. 

We help you rescue your brand from negative sentiment and invigorate your people to deal with complaints with care and confidence.


Readiness characteristics

When you have reached the point where you are serious about restoring your brand interactions to their former glory, and you are willing to dedicate time on your executive agenda to this initiative regularly as well as a dedicated team to this effort and make time available to train your complaints team, you could be a good candidate for this program.

The duration

This program can be as short as four months or as long as twelve months, depending on the time you are willing to dedicate and the speed at which you are willing to move.

The approach 

This program will require executives and key resources to dedicate time to workshops to define the ideal experience, understand the gap between the experiences today and diagnose the problems. 

A multi-disciplinary team of specialists and front-line employees will then be required to work with the BrandLove team to design rescue journeys for your brand that will shift customers from anger and disappointment to a state of satisfaction and understanding and even create raving fans. 

Through creating empathy for customers, defining the secret sauce of your brand and skilful design and learning activation, we can turn your team into a brand love machine that knows how to connect with any angry customers and restore trust and affinity for your brand. 

Don’t wait until your brand is bleeding to death; get the experience rescue program now and reclaim your place on the industry leaderboard!

When your brand is suffering from the paralysing pain of negative sentiment, you barely meet service level agreements and customer journey design and wowing customers in every moment seems unachievable! Then you are ready for the Customer Experience (CX) Rescue program.

We help you restore the love between your employees and your customers with skilful journey design and impactful training!

Get in touch to find out how we can help you turn pain into profit.



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Customer Experience is the way a customer feels about themselves in an interaction with your brand. 

We can help you design your brand outside in to create the feelings that will keep both customers and employees coming back to you.

We train leaders and the front-line on orchestrating experiences with a toolbox filled with interpersonal skills to power up empathy and care.

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All Rights Reserved BrandLove | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Site Credit