To spark commitment and passion, your company culture must honour the people living within it. The Culture Evolution Program helps your leaders and teams define what your cultural identity looks like from the inside out and design strategies to ensure the real lived experience inside your organisation purposefully aligns with your desired culture.

This course has been developed for ambitious CEOs, leaders and managers who want to create a strong, self-sustaining work culture and learn how to guide their people into the future with confidence.

During the program, we will cover various topics, including:

  • Introduction to organisational culture
  • Defining the ideal culture
  • How to create a culture of feedback
  • Practising our values in meetings
  • Infusing our communication with our values
  • Making decisions aligned with our values
  • Creating opportunities for celebration and acknowledgement
  • Conflict handling practices as part of a healthy culture
  • Rituals to strengthen culture
  • Creating a collaborative culture playbook


This 20-week program consists of ten 10x 3-hour sessions every two weeks designed to equip your organisation with the skills you need to transform from disconnected work culture to a passionate, thriving, self-sustaining culture. The sesssions give you a space to prioritise, design and own your culture as leaders. 


We define your culture contract — who you are, why you exist, what you stand for, and the collective belief system of your tribe. 


We give your leaders and teams the skills and tools you need to consciously and consistently practice your culture and make it real for everyone who’s a part of it. You’ll also learn how to implement rituals in the service of staying connected as a team.


We have helped thousands of people across a wide array of industries to design connected teams that are aligned around their values and beliefs.

The leaders we serve care deeply about creating workplaces where people can enjoy practising their craft and be part of a tribe with a common purpose. After The Culture Evolution program, the rituals, practices and work and stories continue to fuel the soul of the organization.

As a team, you’ll start living according to a common playbook that you’ve created together over the previous 20 weeks.

With a motivated, aligned and connected team, you’ll increase job satisfaction, collaboration, work performance and staff retention.



  • Are your employee engagement scores a little lacklustre and your attraction rate rising?

  • Are you eager to create a place where ideas and innovative solutions flow freely and grow your business?

  • Do you need to close the disconnect between your ideal culture and the interpersonal chemistry that happens on the ground?

  • Do you want to improve your company’s culture to create lasting changes that will lead to real results?

  • Do you want to attract top talent and passionate employees who are excited to work for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, The Culture Evolution Program can teach you how to navigate and live your culture on a daily basis.


Following our 20-week journey, you will have:

A connected, empowered team that creates an impact in your industry

A strong, self-sustaining culture that’s both fun and productive

Teams that collaborate and cooperate with each other to find the best solutions

Employees who do their best work without feeling trapped

A workplace aura, vibe and reputation that makes you irresistible to top talent


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Customer Experience is the way a customer feels about themselves in an interaction with your brand. 

We can help you design your brand outside in to create the feelings that will keep both customers and employees coming back to you.

We train leaders and the front-line on orchestrating experiences with a toolbox filled with interpersonal skills to power up empathy and care.

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All Rights Reserved BrandLove | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Site Credit